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Part time house cleaner

A's Nitty Gritty Cleaning
Job Description
Part-Time Home Cleaner Wanted I am looking to add a new member to my team! If you appreciate flexibility in your job and thrive on a sense of accomplishment, I would love to hear from you! I am adding a new member to my home cleaning team. 

Job Details: 
• Daytime Hours Only 
• Part-Time and Flexible Scheduling 

Minimum Requirements: 
• Must have a driver’s license 
• Must have reliable transportation & car insurance 
• Must pass a background check 
• Must have working knowledge of English sufficient to read, write, speak and understand oral and written direction and communicate with customers
• Maintain a friendly and positive attitude 
• Are honest, reliable, and show up on time
• Like to work on a variety of projects performing multiple tasks 
• Strive to provide excellent service 
• Appreciate recognition for high quality work 
• Find joy in helping others

  So – you have read this far, why let this great opportunity pass you by?
Call Alesha Berning for a short phone interview. I am excited to hear from you! 
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